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United Pixelworkers Shirt By Rick Murphy

I had the honor of designing the new United Pixelworkers shirt for Seattle. Pick one up if you like it.

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CSS and Images for Retina Displays

I see lots of blurry images out there on websites (and application webviews) designed for retina iPhone/iPad and more recently the new MacBook Pro. These images are not taking full advantage of the retina display’s pixel density. Remember these things… … Continue reading

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Test retina iPhone layouts in actual size using Dropbox.

Dropbox is great for testing retina iPhone mockups. Your design files are twice the size of the final product and it’s important to view them within the context of the device. Create an alias/shortcut to your Dropbox testing folder on … Continue reading

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Google Instant now with Preview

Awesome. I guess. Although had this same feature in May of 2006. even had a commercial about thisgame-changer yet “Binoculars” didn’t really do much for the service. I never found Binoculars useful. You could click an icon to … Continue reading

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The End Times Are Near

Almost done! We’re cleaning up bugs and spell checking articles. We’ll make some sort of announcement very soon. Sorry about all the lorum ipsum and such. It wont be much longer.

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This is How You Have an Idea.

Kill your timid notion of creativity with a semi-sort of comic by writer/designer Frank Chimero.

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