A New World

Hardly Code has been a long term goal, but never a reality for Rick and myself.  We never really “had” a name for the company and it took three years to finally figure it out, but here we are.  The official name a fair amount of revisions, first it was MurLoe, a horrible pun off both are last names, then Superbious, a most excellent name that never took fruition, and finally Hardly Code, the progression is much like our work, always striving for the best.  As a partnership we have never been stronger, striving for standards and our core beliefs of users come first. Along with what actually makes a company and who you actually do it, because god knows I don’t know how!

For the company that some how stumbles upon our humble abode, I promise we will fulfill your internet fantasy, and by that I mean the site that you in-vision with our impeccable knowledge.  Will we always agree to every beckoning request? No, but I promise you by the time we are done you will have a site that you have always envisioned.

Enough with the self promotions, this blog is about helping improve standards, showing off snarky code, and finally impressing customers!

Look forward to more great posts and horrible English.

– Eric

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