Test retina iPhone layouts in actual size using Dropbox.

Dropbox is great for testing retina iPhone mockups. Your design files are twice the size of the final product and it’s important to view them within the context of the device.

Create an alias/shortcut to your Dropbox testing folder on your desktop. Grab a screenshot the 960 x 640 design and throw it in the Dropbox alias/shortcut folder. Open it it up through Dropbox on your iPhone and view in @2x retina glory.

I find the workflow between screenshots and the alias/shortcut folder quick enough to allow rapid iteration.


5 Responses to Test retina iPhone layouts in actual size using Dropbox.

  1. Mike Meyer says:

    Have you seen LiveView? Super awesome.

  2. Rick Murphy says:

    Thanks Mike! Playing with it now. I like it.

  3. Eric says:

    I still haven’t been able to get liveview to work at my office. I’ll have to give it a try at my house.

  4. Rick Murphy says:

    Yeah Eric, I have that problem with LiveView on some networks. It works better if you connect directly via computer–to–computer network. Choose “Create Network…” from the Airport menu and then you can connect the iOS device to the new network.

  5. LiveView is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I use it almost everyday, designing iPhone and iPad apps.

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