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Google Instant now with Preview

Awesome. I guess. Although had this same feature in May of 2006. even had a commercial about thisgame-changer yet “Binoculars” didn’t really do much for the service. I never found Binoculars useful. You could click an icon to … Continue reading

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Finding Clients

The hardest part about starting a web development company hasn’t been doing the actual work, I am a confident developer who believes in his skills. However I missed the memo on having to also be a business man. Below are … Continue reading

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The End Times Are Near

Almost done! We’re cleaning up bugs and spell checking articles. We’ll make some sort of announcement very soon. Sorry about all the lorum ipsum and such. It wont be much longer.

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Chrome has an inset box-shadow bug

Rendering fancy buttons in CSS3 is completely feasible with modern browsers. It’s less expensive on page load and you can accomplish popular button treatments with CSS border-radius, gradients and box-shadows. I was building a button the other day that used … Continue reading

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